Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Sweet & Simple Bakes - White Chocolate & Orange Cookies

I discovered the lovely Sweet & Simple Bakes blog a month ago and couldn't wait to try the October recipe. Every month readers are invited to try a sweet recipe, blog about it and send an e-mail link so that results can be included in the monthly round up.

I was a little apprehensive about using the orange/chocolate combination as I'm not a fan of Terry's chocolate orange! I shouldn't have worried though as I discovered that I do like orange with white chocolate, especially when combinbed in a melt in the mouth cookie.

Easy to make, and a delight to eat, these went down very well with everyone who tried them.

The recipe can be found here and here is the end result:


Maria♥ said...

Welcome to Sweet and Simple Bakes, we are so happy to have you join us!

Your cookies turned out wonderful.

Thanks for taking part and hope you will join us in our next bake.


Anonymous said...

Cookies look delicious

Anonymous said...

Pretty cookies - I'm glad you enjoyed them. Welcome to the gang!
Rosie of BooksAndBakes

lilmizlynn said...

Your cookies look great! Hope you like these cookies as much as I did! :)

Chele said...

Finally somebody else who doesn't get the whole Terry's Chocolate Orange thing!!! I agree though, these cookies are just the right amount of orange to chocolate ratio ;0)

Great photo.

Lucie said...

So glad you have joined the bake! Your cookies look delicious.
I loved these!
Lucie x

Choclette said...

Your cookies look amazingly uniform in size - they also look pretty damn tasty.

AppleC said...

Wonderful cookies. So good and're right.

Min said...

Great looking cookies! Yum.

The Bad Girl's Kitchen

Dips said...

Great cookies..arnt they...Great pics!

lakegirl said...

Your cookies look great! They are yummy, aren't they?

Lili said...

Thank you to all the Sweet & Simple bakers for such a warm welcome and all the lovely comments! I have really enjoyed taking part and am excited about November's recipe! :)

Karine said...

Your cookies sound delicious! Great combo of flavors :)

Mia's Bakehouse said...

mmmm these look scrummy! Need to bake some cookies soon and these may well be the ones!

Kitchens said...

I like this cookies and Its very useful for me. I really enjoyed taking part and I am for the November recipe!

facial surgery said...

Its really awesome cookies. It is so easy to make, and is absolutely delicious! Thanks for sharing white Chocolate and Orange Cookies.

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