Thursday, 22 January 2009

me and my blog

A little bit about me and the inspiration for this blog... I am an Aquarian female who loves food! I like nothing more than getting people together to eat and drink, and have had a growing interest in food over the last 15 years. I have collected a good number of cookery books over this time and plan to feature one of these each week, sharing at least one recipe and more if time allows.

I like to try to keep as fit as possible so that i can eat more than my little frame allows! So i run and walk (and occasionally go to the gym...) as much as i can.

Whilst eating is the main inspiration for my blog, i am working on my photographic skills and thought this would be a great way to take and share my photos.

I had been thinking about starting this since discovering the wonderful world of food blogs last year but it would never have got off the ground if it hadn't been for my lovely friend, the very talented Miss Biba. She was so excited about it that she has designed and set up the whole thing! Interiors are her thing and you can find out more here.

I hope i haven't offended anyone with the title of my blog but it is very much tongue in cheek, and what else rhymes with kitchen?! The name was inspired by the Livingetc forums and regular contributor Griffo, who established the popular Bitchingetc thread. Designing the monthly Bitchingetc cover is only one of his talents, and you can see many more of them here.

So thank you Biba and Griffo and welcome to one and all, i hope you enjoy what's to come!

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Sister Claire said...

Lisa, this is fab. I am loving it. I am sure I'll join your little crowd of regular followers and may even try out some of your suggested recipes!! I'd just like to offer my services as impartial critic if you ever need one...