Monday, 10 August 2009

La Belle France

So, before i get back to talking about food, here are some shots of my other holiday (which is now also a distant but wonderful memory..).

I spent a week with my wonderful parents, lovely sister (Claire) and gorgeous 7 month old nephew (Ben), in a beautiful house in south west France. It was a very chilled out holiday, although Claire and i managed to fit in some running, lots of swimming (very cold pool) and a little bit of yoga to start the day. We visited food markets, Bergerac, St Emilion (where we had a lovely lunch here and enjoyed some wine tasting) but mainly hung out at the house, being entertained by Ben, preparing nice food and drinking good wine.

The Dordogne

Lovely food market

Stopping for refreshments

The house had a few cookery books which we flicked through for inspiration, this being my favourite and I might have to get my own battered copy now...

Home made tortilla

Tarte Noir from the Patisserie

Monsieur Cyrano

It was so lovely spending quality time with my family and a week wasn't really long enough. But there's always next year...


Melafrique said...

Those tomatoes so full of colour.

Lucie said...

These pictures are wonderful. France is just lovely. This is my first visit to your blog - it's really great and very inspiring.

Best wishes


Baglady said...

I love your photos - makes we want to go to France NOW!

Love the market and and the photo of the chalked menu.

Lisa said...

Hi Mel - I can't tell you how delicious all the fruit and vegetables were over there and I just loved the different coloured tomatoes.

Lucie - thank you for your lovely comment! I am drooling over all the lovely cakes on your blog.

Ms Baglady - thank you! My Dad thought I was mad taking photos of menus and food, he was only interested in the 200 or so pics I took of my nephew!

Sixpence and a Blue Moon said...

I'm so envious! What wonderful memories to have to draw from the "good memory safe". It sounds like a wonderful time...and wonderful trip. Beautiful photos. I have been to France several times - it's a beautiful country, with delicious food. I can taste those wonderful pastries, the wonderful food.

medecure said...

Wow this pictures are wonderful, France is really awesome
AMAZING! Great post! thanks for sharing..