Wednesday, 28 January 2009

cocktail of the month - january

Yes, i know it's still january and everyone is detoxing... and it IS only wednesday... but yesterday's post on Inspiraton Bubble got me excited about cocktails... there also happened to be a fab article in the latest Observer Food Monthly entitled "48 Cocktails to Make at Home"... and it's nearly the end of the month so i'm running out of time to post my cocktail of the month... oh, and it's my birthday on friday... do we need any more excuses to have a cheeky midweek tipple??

This one stood out from the OFM artcile and really was delicious.

Ballet Russe - serves 1
2 shots vodka
3/4 shot creme de cassis or Chambord
1 shot freshly squeezed lime
1/4 shot sugar syrup
Shake all ingredients with ice and fine strain into a chilled glass.
Garnish with a wedge of lime (oops - I didn't)
1 shot = 25ml

Goodness knows how I stopped at only one... oh yes, it IS only wednesday.


MollyB said...

looks like a fab cocktail - I will have to try it out at the weekend so I can have more than one ;) Happy Birthday Lisa - have a great day... is someone else doing the cooking?!

Biba said...

Happy Birthday!!! Have another cocktail to celebrate, i'll certainly have one for you ;) xxx

Lisa said...

Thank you Molly and Biba!!!

I will be enjoying a cocktail or 2 later, and my lovely family are organising a feast for me tonight. Will be taking my camera and will give all the details tomorrow. Can't wait!