Thursday, 15 January 2009

dim sum lunch

As i haven't had time to post details of my latest creation (beautiful savoury pastries from Ottolenghi - more on those later...), i thought i would share one of my secret lunch locations with you which i visited today...
Known as one of the most expensive chinese restaurants in London, the Princess Garden of Mayfair serves delicious food but you really don't have to completely blow the budget. It's worth knowing that they serve the most delicious dim sum at lunchtime, with more food than you can eat and a bottle of wine coming to under £40 for two people (obviously considerably less if you opt for green tea rather than wine!).
Each of the dishes (imagine chinese tapas) contains 3 pieces and today we enjoyed spring rolls, mango salad cups, paper wrapped prawns and a selection of steamed dumplings (we had 8 different dishes in total each costing between £2.30 and £2.80 each).
The setting is quite formal so it is perfect for a business lunch although i regularly meet a friend there for a good catch up and the staff are always very friendly. If you haven't enjoyed dim sum before and aren't sure what to order, you can ask them to bring you a selection of dishes (you could mention if you particularly like the steamed or fried dishes, meat or seafood etc).
Sorry I didn't take any photos but I promise to next time!

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