Sunday, 29 March 2009

bills and ben

This weekend was a busy one... Starting with a night out with the girls on Friday to see Dave - a really good local band who do the BEST covers. We planned to eat out first, then meet other family and friends at the gig. Unfortunately we then got a call to say that the band had had to cancel as the lead singer, Paul, had pleurisy... So we enjoyed our meal out and had an early night instead! We wish Paul a really speedy recovery, hopefully in time for our next girls' night out!

Saturday was a day out with the girls, this time my mum, two sisters and sister-in-law. I am blessed with a fantastic family, and like nothing more than spending time with them. Now and again, we manage to have a girls' day out having coffees and lunch, with a bit of shopping thrown in. Brighton is our usual destination and Food for Friends is a favourite for lunch.

What really made the day was the addition of my almost 5-month old nephew, Ben. He is THE most gorgeous baby ever (ok, so i may be a little biased...) and he delighted us with his smiles and baby noises all day.

The other delight was managing to get a table at Bill's for afternoon tea, and my first ever Lamington - raspberry if you will. It was made from the softest sponge cake, covered in a light rasberry jam and coconut, and topped with a white chocolate dipped strawberry. Yum!

Sunday brought the loss of an hour in bed (but yay for the lighter evenings!) and a 10-mile walk, getting into training for the London MoonWalk. I have done this fantastic 26-mile walk twice before, and am really looking forward to taking part again for this very good cause. More details to follow.

And then the weekend was nearly over, leaving just enough time for a flick through the Sunday papers, and finding a few recipes for the week ahead...


Sixpence and a Blue Moon said...

I want to be friends with you.:) What a a great time out with friends and family. I am envious!

OK, I want some of that cake! It looks so delicious. I have never had a sweet tooth, not until I started looking at some of these wonderful blogs, including yours.

Very nice blog to read today.

The Cottage Cheese said...

That's quite a walk! I take a 10 mile hike a couple of times a year (with shorter hikes and walks in between), but a marathon is impressive!

That is one of the prettiest cakes I've ever seen. Now I really want a piece of cake, sigh.

Your day with the girls sounds like so much fun. All of my family lives quite far away, and I miss them dearly, especially my sweet little nephews.

Gemma said...

I've heard such good things about Bill's - will have to head to Brighton in the warmer weather to try it out. I'm doing the Edinburgh Moonwalk this year and really need to get the training going - it's in June so I've still got a bit of time. Good luck!

Melafrique said...


Sister Claire said...

It was a fab weekend wasn't it? My one comment - you forgot to include one major foody highlight. Don't you remember THE stir fry?! It must have been all that delicious INSOLIA wine we drank. Now that is worth mentioning!! :-)